Frequently Asked Questions
What is Feather?
Feather makes it easy to host live virtual events, sell on-demand digital content and earn money with your audience.
How does it work for creators?
Feather is the easiest way to make a living out of your passion. We enable you to share your passions and expertise with your audience. You can: 
- Post your virtual class/event schedule
- Accept payment from people who sign up
- Automatically and securely launch a virtual classroom via Zoom
- Have unique Zoom links sent to people who sign up via calendar and email
- Host your event or teach your class
- Sell your on-demand content 
- Get paid
How does Feather work for people who want to attend my event or buy my content?
Feather is the easiest way for someone to book and attend a virtual event or class. In just a few seconds, we help them:
1. Sign up
2. Pay
3. Receive a confirmation email with a unique link to a class on Zoom
4. Add events and classes to their calendar
5. Receive reminders 
6. Attend class
How does the Zoom installation work?
- When you'reto your Feather account
- Go to “Zoom Integrations” tab in the left menu under events or directly by following this link: Click “Connect Zoom Account” button and proceed according to Zoom instructions
How do I use Zoom once it's installed?
Meetings management:
- Users who have authorized Zoom application are able to schedule classes in their own Zoom account
- Prerequisites:
1. Click the events button on the left tab and click  the ‘ADD LIVE EVENT’ tab2. and fill in the event details above (including time, date and event name), in the field ‘streaming service’ option select Zoom  
4. Then select the button ‘Generate a New Zoom Meeting’ and choose your pricing type and visibility of event to customers 
5. After clicking ‘add event’ – the meeting will be scheduled in the authorized Zoom account of the user
User data:
- Your basic user data is displayed on “Zoom Account” tab
How do I uninstall Zoom?
1. Login to your Zoom Account
2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Feather app
3. Click the Feather app
4. Click Uninstall
What types of creators are using Feather?
We have a range of creators on the platform. Some creators that are using our platform are: 
- Bakers 
- Coders 
- Musicians 
- Yogis 
- Nutritionists 
- Chefs 
How much does Feather cost?
We have success based revenue share, meaning we only make money when you make money. We take a simple 6% +30c commission fee plus credit card processing fees
How do I get paid?
After you host an event or teach a class you’ll receive payment to your bank account via direct deposit or to your debit card. You’ll be able to set this up through Stripe once you sign up.